Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Night Falls on 'night, Mother

There was this magical thing that happened during the performances of 'night, Mother. We started the show at 7pm at which time the sun is still up and it's about an hour to dusk and an hour and a half 'til nightfall, which is how long the show is. As the show progressed, night descended outside. We performed the show in the lobby area of the Unitarian Fellowship in Carbondale. The "back wall" of the stage was a row of large windows and doors that were mostly glass. This let in a lot of light. But as night fell, and the play became more serious and darker, so did the setting. With less light the whole set became more intimate, darker. It was a beautiful touch to the show and something we had not planned on. It made the whole show a touch more magical, mysterious and dark. I really enjoyed the effect the sun setting had on our show. I like the fact that we hadn't planned it, but it just sort of happened. Sometimes the most glorious things happen spontaneously. It was a subtle effect, but it was a beautiful touch.


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