Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Train Trip

Well, this morning has gone far smoother than i had imagined. The kids got up at six am after having two long nights, one watching Oliver! and then just getting to bed late on Friday. But they got up wiith no complaining and much excitement. The thing that Tristan had been talking about alll week had finally come to pass; we were finally going to ride the train. We piled into the car with, I'm sure, more stuff than we needed and drove to the train station. Getting the tickets was a breeze since they were bought online and all I had to do was scan my confirmation into the ticket kiosk and it just printed the tickets with no fuss. It was so simple and easy! Jim was nice enough to help us carry our flight bag onto the train and lifted into the luggage rack for me, although I am a little worried about how I'm going to get it down. Ananda was very sad when Jim got off the train, but brightened up when the train started moving and we went back to the snack bar for some light snacks, I
highly recommend traveling by traun, but you definitely need to remember to bring plenty of cash to buy snacks if you don't bring your own (which you are allowed to do). A small box of donut holes, a coffee, a breakfast sandwich, a sprite, a millk, and a muffin cost fourteen dollars. But one of the great things about riding the traun is that you are allowed to bring your own snacks. They get you there, a little faster than a car does, and all you have to do is watch the kids and the scenery. Tristan was fascinated for the first couple of hours but now he has immersed himself in Earthworm Jim on the gameboy. So far, a very nice, and even rwlaxing, trip.

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